"The plants carry us over the threshold of initiation."

Anamnesis is a shamanic thriller from Jupiter Publications.


Occultists have long prophesied a time when mystical forces will lift humanity to its potential. In a world on the brink of ruin, those who oppose civilization’s destructive course will find themselves favored by the luck of Jupiter.

In the Amazon there is an endangered bird that the local people say holds the fabric of existence together. When commercial development threatens the Red Jay’s refuge, a young Canadian scientist gains a mysterious ability to bring misfortune to oilmen and loggers. As her enemies multiply, Ayahuasca shamans come to her aid, but all the magic of the rainforest may not save the Red Jay.

A continent away in New York, the Invisible Army plans a massive data heist to expose corruption and spark a populist revolt. Synchronicities swirl around the hackers, as if the universe is guiding their gamble, but they must evolve their own consciousness before the revolution can succeed.

Meanwhile, a Republican runs for president on her promise to launch a new invasion in the Middle East. When her epileptic daughter starts talking to angels, what the angels say makes her uneasy.

As the reality we know unravels, fear and love are evenly matched on Earth, and only awakened hearts can tip the balance.

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